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Update (2/4/07)
  • The current issue of Rolling Stone concurs with the reports you've read exclusively here on Abbeyrd's Beatles Page and on Terry Ott's blog about an agreement between Apple and iTunes. A story on page 14 says "Two inside sources have confirmed to Rolling Stone that the Beatles catalog will be available for sale on iTunes, possibly within a month. It is speculated that the catalog may become available on Valentine's Day, to promote the band's new collaboration with Cirque du Soleil." It also mentions the Toronto Sun report, written by Beatle Bits blogger Terry Ott, which details a plan to market remastered CDs. A previous report that an announcement would be made Super Bowl Sunday (e.g. today) was denied by a Beatles spokesman previously. But the Rolling Stone article seems to indicate it may very well happen, just not that soon.

    Update (1/29/07)

  • If you're interested in rumors that are so obviously wrong, try this one: Apple Recon is reporting Apple will stage a Macintosh event on Feb. 20. A comment added by someone named Boot Polish says "The Feb 20 announcements will include Widescreen iPod, available in a special yellow edition sold with a coupon to download the entire Beatles songbook ($250 value)." Ringo and Neil Aspinall (called "the nimrod CEO from Apple Corps" on the blog) will announce the new Apple-Apple truce, the blog says. Yeah, right.

    Update (1/26/07)

  • In answer to a request for a comment on a story that all the Beatles' albums would be re-released to commemorate the upcoming 40th anniversary of the release of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on June 1, a Beatle spokesman told us, " There is nothing to report at this time and we are not planning a SuperBowl related announcement." (emphasis ours).

    Update (1/22/07)
  • Two more versions of the story ... in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and FMQB. And we're hearing whispers from more than one place that Apple sources have all of a sudden gone unusually silent.

    Update (1/19/07)

  • This story continues to build. Other media outlets picked up the rumors: CNET, Wired Blog, San Jose Business Journal,, ditigalmusical weblogs, seeking alpha,, Apple Insider, Beatles and More Beatles and WebProNews.

    Update (1/18/07)
  • Own own Terry Ott had a story in Wednesday's Toronto Sun about the rumors. You'll find a quote from your webmaster at the bottom of the story. (Thanks, Terry!) Another website, PC Pro, also quoted our news story.

    Update (1/17/07)

  • More info is crawling in. Rumors have been floating around about "The Capitol Albums, Vol. 3," but we're hearing there's no word at this point on if it's coming or what it will have on it if and when it does. (By the way, three websites:, Apple Insider and Electronistra quoted our info.)

    (1/13/07) There's unofficial and completely unsubstantiated talk that an announcement between Apple and Apple Computer Inc. will be made on, or around Valentine's Day, if all goes according to plan from the rumor we've heard. The announcement will involve "Love," as well. Our source says Apple will have a three month exclusive window for both downloads and remasters. The street release schedule for the remasters was not clear. Conflicting information from our source said that they might be released both all together or in groups, as was done when the first Beatles CDs were released. A compilation is also supposedly being discussed, but no firm details are available, the source says.

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