Paul's "Tropic Island Hum" and "Rupert" animated films coming to DVD in 2004

Buy the "Paul McCartney Music and Animation Collection DVD" (Region 1- U.S.) today from

A portion of the cover of the new "Paul McCartney Music and Animation Collection" DVD
Update (11/9/04)
  • A cute Disney flash webpage with music and animation to promote the DVD. (Thanks to Chris Bourgeois for the link.)

    Update (9/13/04) Info on the UK release of the DVD, including the cover, can be found here. (Thanks to Sven.)

    Update (8/3/04)

  • To promote the release of the DVD in the UK, Paul is re-releasing "We All Stand Together." Here's the text of the announcement taken from Paul's website (thanks to Sven Solterbeck and Leslie hk):


    PAUL McCARTNEY is to release his first single for children in 20 years - recording a flipside to the Frog Song.

    Two decades after the original frog song, We All Stand Together, went to No.3 in the UK charts, Paul is releasing a new kids song - Tropic Island Hum - for the children of the children who bought the nursery favourite in 1984.

    Tropic Island Hum is the title track of a new children's animation film created by Paul McCartney.

    Said Paul: "I don't often write songs deliberately for children but we made this new film for kids and the film needed a song. As a songwriter I'm always interested in trying to write music in different styles, so I took the challenge of trying to write another one for kids". A limited edition single will be issued by EMI Records on September 20th. The CD will feature Tropic Island Hum along with the original recording of We All Stand Together, to mark the 20th anniversary of the long-ago deleted amphibian anthem.

    Both songs are written by Paul McCartney and sung by a chorus of animals.

    The film Tropic Island Hum will introduce a new cartoon character, Wirral the squirrel. The short film, which follows the cheeky Scouse squirrel on an adventure to an island animal sanctuary, will be released on DVD on September 27th as one of a package of three cartoons created by Paul and titled Paul McCartney: The Music And Animation Collection. The collection will also feature the award-winning Rupert And The Frog Song and another Macca frog flick, Tuesday. The CD single Tropic Island Hum is the first release from Paul McCartney since he recently headlined the Glastonbury Festival. Said Paul: "I shouldn't imagine that too many of the Glastonbury bands would follow performing Helter Skelter there with releasing a single for children by a cartoon squirrel, but it's ringing the changes like this which keeps me interested in the possibilities of life".

    Update (4/29/04)
  • From Carolyn Hurwitz:

    I picked up Paul's "Music and Animation Collection" DVD yesterday at B.J.'s Wholesale Club for $6 less than Best Buy was selling it--what a deal! Nothing much else to add except I love the entire disc. "Tropic Island Hum" and "Tuesday" are both superb, although quite different in tone. It's interesting to compare the animation to "Rupert", which is cruder but seems more inventive in many ways. Highly recommended for animation fans and Beatles fans with young children. My only regret is that "Seaside Woman" wasn't included (perhaps in an Easter Egg? Anyone found one yet?)

    Update (4/19/04) The DVD was released in the US last week and generated the most media coverage Paul has received since his "Driving Rain" US tour. USA Today's Life Section devoted a front page story to Paul's pet project and most major US newspapers from the New York Times (Page 2 story and photo) across the country to the Los Angeles Times (rave review) ran huge stories, features, interviews and reviews about the DVD. Paul appeared on national TV in an exclusive two-part interview on CBS' "The Early Show," which scooped rivals the "Today Show" and "Good Morning America," and was rewarded with stellar ratings. Other national TV shows (such as "Entertainment Tonight," "Access Hollywood," "Extra") and countless local TV newscasts ran clips from a special Electronic Press Kit interview Paul shot in London recently. The reviews have been overwhelming favorable.

  • You can find the transcript of Paul's MSN webchat on

  • More on the world premiere: The American Cinematheque in Los Angeles hosted the World Premiere of Paul's new DVD "The Music And Animation Collection" on Saturday at Grauman's Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. It was the very first time that all three animated short films had ever been shown on the big screen in a single presentation. Over 350 fans crowded into the historic theater for the premiere. Among the notables spotted in the audience were McCartney record producer David Kahne and Rutles/Monty Python arranger/conductor John Altman. The premiere was organized and hosted by Beatles historian Martin Lewis, who, fresh from organizing the "Fab 40!" celebrations, has been coordinating publicity and marketing of McCartney's new DVD. Lewis introduced one special guest at the premiere -- legendary Beatles/McCartney recording engineer Geoff Emerick -- who engineered two of the songs on the DVD and supervised dubbing of the orchestral suite heard on the DVD.

  • Here is a sampling of the coverage from print and Internet outlets:
  • CNN website
  • CBS website
  • Mickey News
    Webchat coverage:

    Update (4/18/04)
  • The big-screen world premiere of the DVD took place in Los Angeles yesterday. Paul didn't make an appearance, but Beatle engineer Geoff Emerick did. Matt Hurwitz told us he and Emerick were walking on the street after the show and found a street musician playing ... "Hey Jude." (Thanks also to Trini Schultz.)

  • A review of the DVD from Frank C. Branchini:

    I bought the new Paul McCartney Music And Animation Collection DVD yesterday at Best Buy and watched it last night. All I can say is Watch Out Disney. This is completely and totally fabulous from beginning to end. It is a lovingly put together.

    You can see the Disney influence from the outset in the way McCartney introduces the videos just as Walt used to do.

    There are three short animated features. Tropic Island Hum is the first. It is a story about an island where animals find sanctuary from hunters and other forms of abuse. It is light, whimsical, and fun. Some of the artwork is quite astoundingly beautiful: look at the sunsets. This is a lovely tribute to Linda McCartney who was a great animal protection advocate.

    Second up is Tuesday which is about a day when frogs go on an extraordinary adventure. This is based on an award winning book of the same name by David Wiesner. The animation includes voice work by Dustin Hoffman. This is the best of the three. It is surreal, funny, and completely charming. The music is absolutely stunning and I hope it will be released. This one is just plain exquisite.

    The third video is Rupert And the Frog Song featuring the song We All Stand Togther and voice work by June Whitfield who plays Edwina Monsoon's mother on Absolutely Fabulous. I love the song and love the video.

    Bonus features include a McCartney interview and short "Making of" films. Don't miss the cartoon Paul and Linda dancing on the beach. What a beautiful and touching image! This is completely delightful and magnificent. It is a must have!!!!!!!!!!

  • USA Today: Paul McCartney unleashes more animal magnetism
  • Reuters: McCartney wants to follow in Disney's footsteps

    Update (4/10/04)

  • You'll find a review of the DVD here soon at digitally (Thanks to Jeff Rosado, the author.)

    Update (4/7/04)

  • The making of Tropical Island Hum

    Update (3/31/04)

  • In response to an inquiry, we've confirmed that the UK release date for "The Paul McCartney Music and Animation Collection" DVD has been moved back to June 21. We're only guessing, but it may have been changed to take advantage of Paul's European tour since Paul will be touring Europe in May/June and it somewhat makes sense to take advantage of the fact Paul will be around.

    Update (3/28/04)

  • From Sven Solterbeck:

    Behind this link, I have the press release of Miramax UK (Premier Public Relations) on the Paul McCartney Music and Animation Collection:

    Update (3/24/04)

  • From Sven Solterbeck:

    Hi Steve,

    Yesterday I got a VHS press copy of PAUL McCARTNEY MUSIC AND ANIMATION COLLECTION. It looks and sounds great. I ran through the tape, in the next few days I will be able to give a full review. Now, it seems to be a lovely thing. The tales are pretty and artically painted - not even a touch of toy story more a touch of the good old Disney stuff. The Making off ... of Tropical Hum, Tuesday and Rubert are quite interesting - you will be in the center of such producion process. Finally you will see the line tests of all the short films. The McCartney interview is concentrating of course on the animation activities of the Ex-Beatle. He reveals the just known intention to write a novel for childs and maybe to make an animation film from it.

    The release date in the UK is pushed back from April 19 to June 21, 2004, as Premier PR London told me last Friday (March 19). Premier is in charge of the British promotion. A release date for Germany is not known yet.

    Here you will see the UK press release and a link to a hi-res cover picture:

    Update (3/3/04) By the way, the U.S. release date is April 13, while the UK release date is April 20. (It's not often that McCartney releases are out first in the U.S. before the U.S. Release dates have not been announced yet for other countries. We will keep you posted.
  • BBC McCartney releases frog follow-up
  • Reuters: McCartney back on cartoon trail after 20 years(Thanks to JM Oliveira)
  • Liverpool Daily Post: Wirral the squirrel, Sir Paul's new star
  • Evening Standard: Macca in froggy follow-up
  • The Scotsman: Sir Paul back on frog song

    Update (3/2/04) Fans on either side of the pond will take interest in this DVD. For those in the UK, Rupert is a long-standing tradition, almost like Mickey Mouse. For those in the U.S., it's all the rare McCartney music that'll be included, as well as the reavailability of "Rupert," which has been out of print here for years. More info to come.

  • USA Today: Paul McCartney gets animated
  • IC Northern Ireland: McCartney gets animated with new DVD
  • Paul McCartney and the adventures of two squirrels

    Update (2/15/04)

  • There's a writeup on the new McCartney "Music and Animation Collection" DVD on this page from Animated News. Also, plans for a publicity campaign to promote the release are in the works. (Thanks to Sven.)

    Update (2/7/04)

  • Animated Bliss has a page on the new DVD with pics and extras details
    Update (1/29/04) shows the release date for "Paul McCartney Music and Animation Collection DVD" as April 13.

    (12/4/03) A press release issued Wednesday:

    Miramax Expands Family Home Entertainment Library With Three Animated Stories Produced by Legendary Musician Paul McCartney

    Tropic Island Hum, Tuesday and Rupert and The Frog Song To be Released on DVD and Video Spring 2004
    NEW YORK, Dec. 3 /PRNewswire/-- Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein announced today that the Company has acquired a trio of classic animated stories produced by musical legend Sir Paul McCartney. "Tropic Island Hum," "Tuesday" and "Rupert & The Frog Song" are scheduled to be released on DVD and video in Spring 2004. McCartney and Weinstein most recently collaborated on "The Concert for New York City," which raised $35 million for the victims of 9/11.

    McCartney worked with long-time collaborator Geoff Dunbar to create additional special effects in order to enhance the animation. In addition, newly recorded live-action footage -- featuring McCartney himself -- will be included.

    "While the world knows Paul as a creative, musical genius, he is also a master of animation and I'm thrilled to be working with him again," said Weinstein. "In keeping with the great Disney tradition, these three titles are breathtaking and will be a real treat for families to watch together."

    "I've loved animation since I was a little kid and I'm proud that Harvey and Miramax are handling the release of these three little gems," said McCartney.

    Jeff Tahler, vice president of acquisitions, is overseeing the project for Miramax in New York and Colin Vaines, executive vice president of European production and development, is handling the project for Miramax in the UK. Stuart Ford, executive vice president and co-head of Miramax International, negotiated the agreement on behalf of the Company. Lee Eastman of Eastman & Eastman negotiated the agreement on behalf of McCartney.

  • Daily Variety: McCartney, Miramax in tune on toons (subscription required)

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