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"Unreleased" Ringo song advertised as part of newspaper's download deal

Update (2/14/08)
  • New info from Matt Hurwitz that indicates our conclusion in yesterday's post may be incorrect:

    Hi, Steve--

    I contacted Mark Hudson re: "It's Love," who explained that that track, as well as the album's "For Love," were both originally tracked in late 2002 during the mixing of "RingoRama" aboard Dave Gilmour's boat, and then completed/re-produced, as were the other "Liverpool 8" tracks by Ringo and Dave Stewart. "Give It a Try," I understand, may be a track originally recorded during the "RingoRama" sessions, Ringo's previous album on Koch.

    Update (2/13/08)
  • Several people have asked us about "It's Love," the track the New York Daily News is giving away. Reliable sources tell us it's a track that was recorded during the sessions for "Liverpool 8" and isn't scheduled for any other release at this time. That means that it has nothing to do with "Ringo 5.1" or anything from Koch Records. A few people had asked us if that could be the case and this explanation clears that up.

    Update (2/10/08)

  • From Frank C. Branchini:


    You have my heartfelt appreciation for the info about the Ringo download. A friend in New York had the Daily News coupon and couldn't use it and e-mailed me the code. I was able to easily download It's Love. I have to say I love the song. I think it is better than any of the tracks on Liverpool with the exception of the title track which is a truly great song. I am delighted with it.

    Frank Caesar Branchini

    (Comment: You're welcome. Yeah, it isn't a bad track, though like I said, the "All You Need Is Love" sort of interferes with the song a bit. Apparently, it'll be on an album due out soon.)

    Update (2/9/08)

  • Thanks to a kind soul who shall remain anonymous, we were able to download "It's Love." It is indeed, as Tom Frangione said, a new song. The "all you need is love" refrain is very prominent and hard to miss. Despite that, it's not a bad song, though we wish Ringo could have avoided the obvious Beatle reference and let the song stand on its own. Hopefully, it'll pop out somewhere soon.

    Update (2/5/08)

  • An update from Tom Frangione:

    Hey Steve -

    I too, was confused as the paper claimed it was "an unreleased song from his new album". Did this mean the promotion should have run a month ago before the album came out ? Or was it an unreleased song from the album sessions ? Or were they confusing "It's Love" with "For Love", "If It's Love ... ", "Tough Love", or "Love Is" ? Anyway - it turns out it is indeed an unreleased track, from the new album SESSIONS. Not bad, vintage Hudson-sounding stuff, complete with "all you need is love" lyrical references.

    Cheers -
    Tom Frangione,
    New Jersey,
    Home of the Super Bowl
    Champion GIANTS !

    (Had to rub that last part in, didn't ya?)
    (2/2/2008) Readers of the New York Daily News will find a card in their Sunday paper allowing them to download three EMI songs, including one advertised as an unreleased Ringo Starr song called "It's Love." Of course, this could easily be "If It's Love" off the "Liverpool 8" album. But we've also heard an EMI Paul song is also available, too. (Thanks to Karen Dyson.)

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