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In memorium: Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five

Order the exclusive Dave Clark 5 compilation "The Hits" (including two unreleased tracks)
The Dave Clark Five, in the U.S. and in the UK.

Update (12/22/08)
  • Mike Smith left just £66,000 (roughly $98,600 USD) in his will, reports the Daily Mail. The paper says the bequests Smith makes in the will are worth more than his holdings.

    Update (11/6/08)

  • The original release date of the new compilation was pushed back. "Dave Clark Five: The Hits" will be out on CD Nov. 25.

    Update (10/9/08)

  • The Dave Clark Five compilation "The Hits" will finally be available on CD next week (Oct. 14 in the U.S.) from in the U.S. and in the UK.

    Update (4/6/08)
  • A new article from Reuters on the plans to reissue the Dave Clark Five's catalog. Clark says he plans to have a CD (or CDs) -- with tracks remixed in "pristine" condition -- out by the fall.

    Update (3/19/08)

  • Our comment on the DC5 induction at the Abbeyrd Beatles Page Breaking News Blog.
  • Al Sussman comments on the DC5's Rock Hall induction among other things at

    Update (3/16/08)

  • Another Dave Clark Five fan site:

    Update (3/15/08)

  • A comment on the televised Mike Smith tribute from Peter Reilly:

    At the end of the VH1-Classic presentation of the Tribute to Mike Smith they ran the setlist for the complete show. Perhaps a reader who recorded it can send the list in. I noted that Peter and Gorden performed several additional numbers including World Without Love, Lady Godiva and Woman. Interestingly, John Lennon is credited for Woman. I assume that they performed their hit version of the Lennon-McCartney tune and someone confused it with John's Double Fantasy Woman. I wonder if they'll fix that for the DVD. By the way, the Fab Faux rendition of Penny Lane was exquisite.

  • Peter later sent the set list from the televised version:

    Here is the list of perfomances that rolled at the end of the Tribute to Mike Smith:
  • Fab Faux: Penny Lane, Tomorrow Never Knows, Catch Us If You Can.
  • Billy J. Kramer: Little Children, Come Home, Bad To Me.
  • Denny Laine Go Now, I Go Crazy, Any Way You Want It.
  • Peter And Gordon: I Go To Pieces, Lady Godiva, True Love Ways, Because, World Without Love, Woman.
  • The Zombies: Time Of The Season, I Love You, Can't You See That She's Mine, Hold Your Head Up, She's Not There.
  • Ensemble: Bits And Pieces, Glad All Over.
  • Update (3/13/08)

  • If, through all these last few days, you haven't seen the Dave Clark Five's website, you owe it to yourself to take a look. The main component is a jukebox with about 40 DC5 songs you can play for free and a couple of added non-DC5 songs (including one by Julian Lennon).

    Update (3/12/08)

  • From Sean Anglum:


    Sat thru the 3 ½ hours of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions last night to see the Dave Clark 5 get their due. Wonderful. (But Dave Clark has been seeing Joan River’s plastic surgeon too much. Yikes!) Anyway, we thought that Tom Hank’s intro speech for the boys was brilliant. It captured growing up during the British Invasion here in America. It was about the pure joy of the DC5’s music, smashing to “bits and pieces” the turgid remorse we were all trying to come out of after November 22, 1963. I gotta find a transcript of Tom’s speech. If you find it, please link it on Abbeyrd !! Like we said, it was a kick in the arse for the HoF and all boomers out there with transistor radios permanently attached to our ears.

    All the best,

    (Comment: We agree. The speech was absolutely wonderful. And did you notice the little dig at the Fabs?)
  • It's not a transcript, but you can see the entire Dave Clark Five segment or the whole Rock Hall induction show here on the Best Buy website. (And after seeing some of those same DC5 clips in grainy quality on YouTube, seeing them in pristine quality in the induction show is fantastic.)
  • In his induction speech, Lenny Davidson noted that the group first appeared on "The Ed Sullivan Show" on March 8, 1964, and they came back this year for the induction ceremony on March 8, 2008. Dave Clark's induction speech was a very gracious and beautiful tribute to his bandmates. And as Sean noted, Tom's speech was brilliant.
  • This UPI YouTube clip includes short clips of all the Rock inductees, and a snippet of Joan Jett's cover of "Bits and Pieces," which ended the show.

  • Photos of the Dave Clark Five and Tom Hanks at the Rock Hall induction ceremony at Getty Images.
  • Contact Music: TOM HANKS - DAVE CLARK FIVE GOT STUCK IN ELEVATOR WITH HANKS (only reason we're using this link is for the pictures -- some big shots of the DC5 and Hanks at the ceremony)
  • The Dave Clark Five page at the Rock Hall of Fame site

    Update (3/10/08)

  • Mike Smith's home page now has an account of his funeral.
  • An alert from Frank C. Branchini on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction telecast:

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies air live on VH1 Classic on Monday from 8:30 pm to 12:30 p.m. ET. VH1 Classic is NOT the same as VH1. Last year a severely edited version of the show aired later on VH1. The Ronettes performed three songs at the induction ceremony while only part of one song made the edited broadcast! If you are interested and you have access to VH1 Classic, I would recommend watching the live broadcast.

    (Comment: We second that. It'll be very interesting to see what the Dave Clark Five do.)

    Update (3/7/08)

  • Some fantastic news for Dave Clark Five fans. In an interview in USA Today, Dave Clark tells the paper a compilation of the group's hits is on The Dave Clark Five now (the article actually says on Tuesday, but a search revealed the listing is on there now) with a street release coming at an unspecified date. Even better: The 28-track collection includes the unreleased tracks "Every American Citizen" and "Universal Love," and also includes a 28-page booklet with a biography, discography and rare photos. (Also available on Mike Smith & The Dave Clark Five : "That's What I Said" from the "Beat Beat Beat" compilation listed as by Mike Smith and the Dave Clark Five.)
  • There's an absolutely wonderful audio interview of Mike Smith, conducted in 2003 by veteran DJ Pete Fornatale and recorded live in the studio, here. (If that doesn't work, go here and search the Audio Archives for Mike Smith.) The interview, which starts out with Mike singing live by himself, includes him talking about his life in music, recalling the first time the Dave Clark Five met the Beatles, why the DC5 never reunited and singing some of the group's songs. His live-in-studio version of "Because" will get you. Don't miss it. (Thanks to Old Fred for the link.)

  • Smith and Smith: Two architects of British rock die

    Update (3/4/08)

  • Al Sussman and Bill King comment on the passing of Mike Smith.
  • Obits in the UK Telegraph, UK Independent, Los Angeles Times, Daily Mail and a tribute in the Telegraph.

    Update (3/1/08)

  • Dave Clark promised a box set of DC5 rarities years ago, but we still don't have it and now would be a great time. But we've been told that at least one Mike Smith Rock Engine show from 2003 (from Farmingdale, N.Y.), is in circulation.
  • Some links:
  • USA Today: Appreciation: Mike Smith made the Dave Clark Five a rock force
  • Dave Clark Five USA page (fan site)
  • Mike Smith Rock Engine site

    (2/29/2008) Singer Mike Smith of the Dave Clark Five died Thursday in the UK. Here's the press release from Mike Smith's official site. If you would like to send a sympathy card, send it to :

    February 28, 2008
    For Immediate Release

    Mike Smith, the lead singer and keyboard player of The Dave Clark Five, one of the premier bands to emerge during the 1960's "British Invasion", died today from pneumonia at Stoke Mandeville Hospital outside of London. His devoted wife, Arlene, who is known as Charlie, was by his side. Smith was 64 years old.

    Smith, who was due to be inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame with his band mates on Monday, March 10th, was admitted to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit yesterday morning with a chest infection, a complication from a spinal cord injury he sustained in September, 2003, that left him a tetraplegic (paralyzed below the ribcage with limited use of his upper body). Smith had been in the hospital since the accident, and was just released in December 2007 when he moved into a specially-prepared home near the hospital with his wife. Prior to his hospitalization yesterday, arrangements were being made to transport Smith to New York so he could personally attend the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

    After his accident, Smith found tremendous support from his peers including Bruce Springsteen, Little Steven Van Zandt, and Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, who helped defray his medical costs through donations and fundraisers. Long-time fan and "Late Show" bandleader, Paul Shaffer, helped organize a benefit concert in New York in August 2005, which featured many of Smith's fellow "British Invasion" stars, including The Zombies and Peter & Gordon. A DVD of the benefit, Paul Shaffer and his British Invasion: A Tribute to Mike Smith will be released in March by VDI Entertainment.

    According to Smith's agent, Margo Lewis of TCI in New York, "These last five years were extremely difficult for Mike. I am incredibly saddened to lose him, his energy and his humor, but I am comforted by the fact that he had the chance to spend his final months and days at home with his loving wife, Charlie, whom he adored, instead of in the hospital, and that he was able to attend a recent concert in London by his good friend, Bruce Springsteen. He was extremely excited and honored to have been inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and I am glad that he will be remembered as a "Hall of Famer," because he was in so many ways."

    Dear friends,

    I spoke with Charlie Smith just moments before receiving the above press release. She told me that Mike passed away peacefully last night, confident of heaven, after exchanging "I love you" with her. Mike's health had declined rather suddenly this past week. While the above press release mentions some celebrities, Mike was also very thankful to his many fans/friends who sacrificially gave to provide him his wheelchair, his van, and most of all, the encouragement and prayers needed to continue these past years. Mike will have a better view than any of us at the R&R Hall of Fame Induction, not to mention an even more glorious induction into eternity.

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