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"George Harrison: The Collection" due in June?

Update (4/12/08)
  • (see their 4/11 update) is now confirming what we at Abbeyrd's Beatles Page told you -- that the "George Harrison: The Collection" information was erroneous and is not on any upcoming release lists. (Thanks again to Steve Crosby for the alert.)

    Update (4/9/08)

  • Now what we're hearing is that the reports on the Harrison collection were ("all toget-her now") wrong and it's not scheduled at all. The suspicion is that some erroneous release schedule information made it out to a tipsheet, and MusicTap may have picked it up from there. This may not be the end of the story, though. We'll let you know if more develops.

    (4/8/2008) Rumors that a release called "George Harrison: The Collection" is coming in June started making the rounds Monday. The rumors were first hinted at on The only thing we've been able to gather from our sources is that it may involve more than one label. That is, if it's going to happen at all. No one we contacted seems to know for sure, as it stands right now. (The title sounds like an unimaginative and unlikely one, at any rate.) We'll let you know more if we hear anything. (Thanks to Steve Crosby for the initial alert.)

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