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More on "All For Love" -- what Paul really said (with pictures)

Peter Hodgson and Paul at his studio in 1995 and at the opening of LIPA in 1996. Photos by Geoff Baker.
(4/11/2008) This comes from Peter Hodgson, who, as you can see, has a familiar friend:

Peter Hodgson here from Liverpool. I write to clear up the mystery of "All For Love"

I visited Paul McCartney at his Recording Studio on 27th March 1995 Whilst Paul was showing me around his recording Studio he mentioned that Yoko & Sean had been there 2 weeks previously and that they had recorded a track ( Hiroshima Skies ). He also told me that the previous week, George and Ringo and himself had been working on a song, I then asked him what it was called. His answer was "All For Love."

Now what happened was that a gentleman named Andy Davis ( Record Collector Magazine & Beatles Monthly ) had been phoning me on a number of occasions and I mentioned to him that Paul had mentioned "All For Love" during conversations that we had had. Paul definitely said "All For Love" when I asked him what the song was called that he, George & Ringo had been working on the previous week, 100% "All For Love" were his exact words. The article was in Beatles Monthly and was picked up by various other publications including Keith Badman's book, the sessions for the song would have been March 20-21 1995.

My visit to Paul's studio in East Sussex took place on 27th March 1995. Rip, I hope that it clears things up, the track was definitely worked on as I know that my ears were not deceiving me when Paul said "All For Love."

Peter Hodgson Liverpool

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