Remembering Beatlemania 40 years ago ( Was "The Fab 40! is coming!")

Update (9/29/04)
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune: 40 years later, town still aglow over Beatles' visit (subscription required)

    Update (9/20/04)

  • More about the New Orleans show. (Thanks to Rob Fontenot of
  • Omaha World Herald: Beatles' brief 1964 visit left town star-struck

    Update (9/18/04)
  • Kansas City Star: Beatles' Visit to Arkansas Remembered
    Update (9/16/04)
  • Times Picayune: The day the Beatles came

    Update (9/13/04)

  • Orlando Sentinel: Florida's whirlwind of Beatlemania (subscription required)

    Update (9/11/04)

  • Toronto Star: The way they were...
  • Toronto Star: Hazy memories of the Beatles in Montreal (Thanks to Phil Tianianov.)

    Update (9/9/04)

  • Chicago Herald: Before yesterday (Thanks to Paul Wojturski.)
  • Canoe: Remembering the Beatles first visit to Toronto. (Thanks to Phil Tinianov.)

    Update (9/5/04)

  • Chicago Sun-Times: Beatlemaniacs love them do (40-year recollection of Chicago. Thanks to Jeff Haske.)

    Update (8/25/04)

  • Another 40-year recollection ... of the Cincinnati show, from the Cincinnati Post.

    Update (8/24/04)

  • Fans recall the Beatles' 1964 Las Vegas show in this Las Vegas Review Journal article and their Red Rocks show in Colorado in this piece from the Denver Post.

    Update (5/9/04)

  • New York Review of Books: 'Back in the US of A' (Essay about the 40th anniversary.) (Thanks to Sebastiaan Bommeljé.)

    Update (2/24/04)

  • China Post: February marks 40 years since Beatlemania went worldwide
  • Texas City Sun: Remembering the invasion

    Update (2/19/04)

  • Ron DiCicco sent us this note he wrote that was printed Feb. 17 in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

    It was 40 years ago today: It was refreshing last week to see clips of the Beatles arriving in the United States. Four nice lads from Liverpool came here to America when we needed a boost to our spirits. The way they presented themselves in public and on "The Ed Sullivan Show" was classy in every aspect. They dressed nicely in their suits and took a bow after each song. Their respect for the viewing audience is something that is seriously lacking in the entertainment world today. As it was 40 years ago, the Beatles showed up at the right time, especially in light of what happened at the Super Bowl recently. If their long hair was the only thing that was mildly offensive, I would take that any day!

    Update (2/17/04)
  • We're finally getting caught up after last week's 40th anniversary madness. We finally had a chance to watch the new version of "The Beatles' First U.S. Visit" and marvelled at two things. First, how people -- and not just those of us who were kids at the time, but adults, too, went absolutely crazy. Second, how the Beatles miraculously remained, at least on camera, level-headed. It must have been tough. While the recent Ed Sullivan DVD shows the Beatles at their performance height, the "First U.S. Visit" DVD shows them as people. Albert Maysles did a heck of a job on the film. Both are well worth getting.
  • Beatles' arrival 40 years ago forever changed music, pop culture
  • Treasure Coast residents recall first encounters with the Beatles (Thanks to Scripps Howard Newspapers Treasure Coast Entertainment Editor Bill DeYoung, author of the above two articles, for sending the links.)
  • Covington (Ga.) Citizen Online: The Beatles sang and revolutioned music forever

    Update (2/16/04)

  • Miami Herald: The Beatles first U.S. tour - 40th anniversary
  • Miami Herald: So. Florida mom relives Beatles visit of 40 years ago
  • Chicago Tribune: 40 years later, Cleveland has Beatles (subscription)
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minnesota life catches Beatlemania
  • Roanoke Times: He loves them, yeah, yeah, yeah
  • Vineland Daily Journal: Rating the top 3 songs of the Beatles

    Update (2/15/04)

  • Poughkeepsie Journal: On the Record: Pre-Monkee made TV gig with the Beatles (Thanks to Joăo Paulo Petersen.)
  • New York Daily News: Fab 4 gave L.I. kid spoonful of hope (profile of Joe Butler of the Lovin' Spoonful. thanks to Rob Leonard.)
  • The All you need is the Beatles (thanks to Gwen Craig.)

    Update (2/13/04)

  • A report on the New York Fab 40 party from Sara Hunt:

    Beatles Party at Hard Rock Cafe Wow, what a great night at the Hard Rock Café! I was so excited when I heard they were going to let some fans into the party. My friend and I arrived a few minutes before the celebrities started walking down the red carpet and took our places in the surprisingly short line. We screamed as we saw several celebs making their way into the party. Unfortunately we had to wait longer than expected to be let into the party. One of the bouncers told me that the Fire Marshall would not allow any more people into the party because it was already very crowded inside. It was a real drag but at least it was wasn't as cold as it had been all week.

    We waited patiently as others in line gave up and left. The bouncer said we would be let in as soon as some people left the party. Our patience finally paid off and we were allowed into the party. As we walked in the door we could see the band Liverpool rockin' away and tons of people singing and dancing. It was nice to see some Beatlefest regulars there.

    The Hard Rock staff were passing around food and Bass Ale and we definitely enjoyed that! We took our beers and went celebrity hunting. First we saw Will Lee from the Letterman show followed by Richard Belzer, comedian Robert Kline and Michael Moore. We shook hands with all of them. It was so exciting! We saw Cousin Brucie, Sid Bernstein, Lou Harrison, Mark Lapides, Bruce Spitzer and Martin Lewis. My friend saw May Pang but I missed seeing her through all the people! Everyone seemed to be having a great time.

    Within a few minutes we spotted Little Steven van Zant. We went up to him to say hello and he was soooo nice to us. He even let us take some photos with him. My friend, a huge Sopranos fan, was grinning from ear to ear. At the exact same time my friend and I both said OMG there's Mickey Dolenz! Mickey was surrounded by people, but we eventually got to speak with him. We had photos taken with him and spent about 30 minutes just chatting with him. What a nice guy!

    Oh I forgot to say that while Liverpool were playing they brought on a special guest. It was Billy J. Kramer! He sang "Bad to Me" AAAAAHHHHH! We couldn't believe our luck! He sounded great and looked even better. He's still very cute! We went up to him after he got off stage had photos taken with him. We were having camera difficulties, but he waited until we got our shots. What a sweetheart!

    We danced the night away and were exhausted by the time the party ended. Thanks to you Steve for posting the information on this website! It was a night we will never forget!

  • Las Vegas Review-Journal: Locked in on the Beatles (Remember hearing about the woman who stole the lock of Ringo's hair at a British Embassy party in Feb., 1964? She now tells her story.) (Thanks to Michael Todd Smith.)
  • Getting back to the New York radio scene in the '60s, here's the WABC Musicradio survey for the week of Feb. 11, 1964. No surprise who's holding down the top spot.
  • Bordentown Register News: Beatles music still sounds fresh after 40 years
  • Mansfield News Journal: Forty years ago, the Beatles changed everything

    Update (2/12/04)

  • CBS' 1963 video report on the Beatles is on the CBS website. Look in the Extra section. (Thanks to Bruce Muni.)
  • Liverpool Echo: The Beatles will play on forever
  • Film Stew: The Fab Four
  • Chicago Tribune: A magical tour of Liverpool (subscription)
  • Eastern Arizona Courier: Beatles' landing in 1964 changed America
  • The Tennessean: Do you still believe in yesterday?
  • Carlisle Sentinel: Celebrating Beatlemania, plus 40
  • New York Daily News: Help! They needed somebody fast!
  • Helena Independent Record: Beatlemania lives 40 years after Ed Sullivan appearance
  • We received an unhappy letter from someone who went to the Fab 40 party in answer to the open invitiation item we printed. They went as directed and they never got in. The Fab40 committee says it was aware of the problem of fans being admitted to the party and has printed their response on their website.

    Update (2/11/04) From Rip Rense on the Kendrick report on CBS:

    Steve, I also saw the replay of the Nov. 22 CBS News piece by Alexander Kendrick. First of all, I must say that Kendrick did one fine job. The piece was extended, informative, thoughtful---quite unlike much of the pre-fab, sound-bite-laden TV "journalism" of today. Some of the Beatles mythologizing started right there; Kendrick must have been the first to report that the group was considered by some to be the "voice of the Proletariat." You don't often see extended, intelligently done reporting like this in TV news anymore, with the exception of "Sunday Morning" on CBS (which, significantly, is where Kendrick's report was re-aired.) And how great that Cronkite resurrected the report for viewing a few weeks later. (Thanks, Uncle Walter---the country needed that.)

    But the best part of the thing was the interview with the Beatles. They were so unjaded, and so modest! You know how today, every group and "artist" is always talking about their "art," their "artistic integrity," their "influences," and all that other pompous stuff? (Enabled by media and music industry, of course.) Kendrick kept asking these guys what made their music special, and they kept telling him, nothing! They said it was no different from other rock 'n' roll, or the many other bands in Liverpool. How hilariously forthright and unpretentious they were. John seemed content to let the others speak, and surprisingly, it was the "quiet" fellow who did the most talking. George went on articulately explaining how there were many other bands, and how it had been labelled the Mersey Sound, but was really just rock 'n' roll. Paul seconded the motion, more or less. Then all agreed, in response to Kendrick's question about how long the popularity would last, that it was "stupid" to worry about such things. Sane from the start, they were.

    The best moment of all was right at the end of the interview. Ringo hadn't said a word, and the camera had honed in on John, Paul, and George much of the time. Ringo had become conspicuous for his absence, and suddenly George pointed to his right, and said, rather excitedly, "That's Ringo!" Pretty damn funny. They were still thrilled, obviously, to have Liverpool's best drummer in the band. The interview ended with Harrison's remark, unfortunately, and the camera never pulled back again to reveal Ringo.


  • Framing the Fab Four (thanks to Karen Dyson and Gwen Craig.)
  • Press release:

    Press Release Source: Fab 40! Committee New York Mayor Salutes The Beatles
    Tuesday February 10, 4:32 pm ET
    Beatles' 40th Anniversary Declared 'Fab 40! Day!'

    NEW YORK, Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mayor of New York City -- the Honorable Michael R. Bloomberg -- is bestowing a prestigious honor on the Beatles. He is issuing a proclamation "In recognition of the contributions of the Beatles to the culture and spirit of our city," -- and declaring the 40th anniversary of their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show as "FAB 40! DAY." The proclamation is being presented to the Fab 40! Committee on behalf of the Beatles. The 400-word official proclamation -- which references the titles of five songs written by the Beatles -- relates that the Beatles "Captured the imagination of people all over the country; young and exuberant, they embodied the optimism of our nation at its best."

    It refers to the Beatles' triumph in the recent study of all-time TV rankings by relating that "Their appearance on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' was seen by a record number of viewers -- 40 percent of the entire American population," and notes "According to police officials, astonishingly few crimes were committed during that hour."

    It also praises the Beatles' contribution to helping America recover from the tragedy of JFK's assassination: "The Beatles, with their buoyant songs and boundless energy, reminded us of our resilience. They showed us that All You Need Is Love, and love them, we did, Eight Days A Week."

    With a nod to the continuing Beatles connections to the city (such as Sir Paul McCartney's "Concert For New York" after 9/11) the Mayor states: "As we continue to rebuild our city, the Beatles' message is especially poignant. We may not be able to return to Yesterday, but the music of the Beatles lives as a reminder that All Things Must Pass."

    The proclamation was delivered to the official party celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show -- hosted by Steven Van Zandt and Rolling Stone Magazine at New York's Hard Rock Cafe -- just a few blocks from the Ed Sullivan Theater where history was made 40 years earlier. The party also celebrated the release of the new DVD "The Four Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles" (Sofa Home Entertainment) which makes available for the first time all 20 live TV performances by the Beatles from their four Sullivan shows appearances -- including 11 performances that had not been seen in 40 years.

    Among the eclectic mix of stars, Beatles friends and family members on hand to salute the Fab 40 were Steven Van Zandt, Michael Moore, Richard Belzer, Robert Klein, Louise Harrison (George's sister), Sid Bernstein (Beatles NY concert promoter), Frank McCourt ("Angela's Ashes"), Micky Dolenz, radio icon "Cousin Brucie," Tony Perkins (GMA weatherman), former Lennon girl- friend May Pang, British invasion group The Zombies -- and Martin Lewis (Beatles scholar/producer -- and chairman of the Fab 40! Committee that has organized most of the Beatles 40th anniversary celebrations.)

    The event also celebrated the results of a newly-published survey of All- Time Highest-Rated TV Shows -- gauged by percentage of population viewing. The study revealed that the Beatles' four appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show held the top four positions in the chart of the most viewed Music, Comedy or Variety TV shows of all time -- with a collective viewership on just four broadcasts of over a quarter of a billion viewers.

    The study also showed that the Beatles starred in two of the top three TV broadcasts of All-Time (ranked #2 and #3) -- with a third broadcast at #16 and a fourth at #59.

    The chart of all regular TV shows excluding extended sports coverage (such as the Super Bowl) shows the Beatles having THREE of the top six TV shows of All-Time (#2, #3 and #6) -- with a fourth show at #23.

  • Text and image of the Mayoral Proclamation --

  • Undercover: Beatles celebrate 40th anniversary with Grammy
  • Reuters: Beatles' US television debut still reverberates
  • Houston Chronicle: It's easy to imagine the Beatles will always be popular
  • N.Y. Daily News: He opened the door to the British invasion
  • ABC Online: US celebrates 40 years of Beatlemania
  • N.Y. Daily News: Yeah, yeah, yeah (editorial, third item down)
  • N.Y. Daily News: Denis Hamill: We loved them, yeah, yeah, yeah
  • Kewanee Star Courier: Beatles invaded Kewanee, rest of America, 40 years ago Monday
  • Atlanta Journal Constitution: Fab 40: With a 'yeah, yeah, yeah,' the Beatles shook US in '64
  • Fox News: Fortieth anniversary of birth of Beatlemania
  • Beatlemania revisits America
  • New York Daily News: Fab Four revved radio rivalries (thanks to Rob Leonard, who was mentioned in a recent David Hinckley column in that paper. Kudos, Rob.)

    Update (2/10/04)

  • From Patti Murawski:

    CBS Sunday morning aired their Nov. 22, 1963 report on the Beatles as part of their coverage of the 40th anniversary. It was first shown that morning...and if you remember your history correctly, later in the day President Kennedy was shot and the report from England never made the news.

    It was shown later on CBS about 2-3 weeks after the President's death, Walter Cronkite deciding (as he says in Bruce Spitzer's book) that it was time for something to smile about.

    We're still smiling 40 years later, Walt!

  • And from Sean Anglum:


    Just wanted to pass along that CBS Sunday Morning yesterday, on February 8, played the entire Alexander Kendrick news report from London that was originally on Walter Cronkite's December of '63 news program. I have seen bits of the report in clips before, but this was the first time I've seen the entire report since viewing it that December. And I barely remember any of it from then. It's great and has some wonderful interview clips from three of the Fabs. Ringo was silent for the interview. Hope others had a chance to see it.

  • Esteemed Beatle journalist Rip Rense has his thoughts on the 40th anniversary on his website.
  • For this week only, the Musicradio 77 website, which pays tribute to New York's legendary W-A-Beatle-C, has audio clips up from 1964. (thanks to Chris Bourgeois.)
  • From Joe DiMuro:

    Hi Steve:

    Please tell the Beatle world that BEATLEMANIA COMES TO AMERICA, the celebration by the Film Society of Lincoln Society in association with "The Fab 40!" Committee was FABbulous! The Walter Reade Theatre was jammed packed with Beatle people including Michael Moore and David Peel. The celebration began with opening remarks from Martin Lewis and Promoter, Sid Bernstein. Screened highlights from the Beatles three Ed Sullivan Show performances and AHDN followed.

    After the movie, Martin introduced the Beatle panel: Louise Harrison; Albert Maysles; Bruce Spizer; Billy J. Kramer and Vincent (cant recall his last name) producer and George stand-in from the Ed Sullivan Show. The no-shows were photographer Robert Freeman, who was ill, and Cousin Brucie who was "Beatled-out" from all the interviews.

    Each panelist gave some interesting insight into his or her relationship with the Beatles. The CBS producer had some very amusing tibits from the Sullivan telecasts and Shea Stadium. He should write a book. Billy J. Kramer spoke about John playing "Bad To Me" on the piano at Abbey Road and giving him the song. Apparently, John also played him "I Want To Hold You Hand" which Billy asked for but John said we're doing that one! Louise Harrison spoke about George's visit to her home in the States in 1963 and how George was born in the next bedroom and how she got to hold him the next morning. Albert Maysles spoke how lucky he and his Brother David were to have filmed the Beatle first US arrival. He said that when a person's home burns down they rebuild. However, what they can't replace is the family photo album. He was extremely happy to have created a Beatle family album with their documentary. Bruce Spizer mentioned how someone mailed him an invaluable reel of NBC-TV Beatle interviews, which haven't been seen in many years.

    Over and over the panelists said how wonderful the Fab Four were and what love and happiness they gave the world. Finally, there were many Beatle fans present that were actually at the Ed Sullivan Theatre or the Plaza Hotel in 1964.

    This was a wonderful way for me and friends to celebrate "all those years ago"! A special Thanks to the Fab 40 committee.Bravo!

  • We spent an hour Monday morning on the air talking about the Beatles' Ed Sullivan appearance on the Roy Green show on Canadian radio station CHML, along with "Mr. Blogman" Terry Ott and Andrew Croft, publisher of Beatlology. It was a great exchange of thoughts between us and a couple of listeners who got to join in with phone calls, but the time went by all too quickly.
  • Richmond Times Dispatch: Readers get back to Beatle memories
  • Free-Lance Star: Spotsylvania teen well-versed in all things Beatle
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  • The Scotsman: The day we conquered America by 'Honored" Paul and Ringo (extensive quotes from Ringo and Paul)
  • News Tribune: Everything was the Beatles, musician recalls
  • Hoosier Times: Beatles invasion changed Bedford man's life
  • News-Times: Woman recalls band from Hamburg club
  • Stamford Advocate: 40 years later, residents prove Beatles were no Fad Four
  • St. Louitapatch: We still love them, yeah, yeah, yeah
    Update II (2/9/04)
  • If you're in Canada, we're on the air right now (8:30 a.m. PT) on CHML Radio in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada with Terry Ott and Beatlology magazine publisher Andrew Croft talking about the 40th anniversary of "The Ed Sullivan Show" appearance.

    Update (2/9/04) It was 40 years ago today ...

  • See "Where were you?," a page of recollections by website readers -- and your webmaster.
  • Seattle's Edgewater Inn is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Beatles' invasion all year long. Check out their website (thanks to Rob Kirkwood)
  • Indy Beatlemania turns 40 (thanks to Faith Cohen.)
  • New York Daily News: 72 hours of music and mayhem (Thanks to Barbara Pazmino, who says the Daily News is running articles on their site each day this week.)
  • Salt Lake City Tribune: Forty years after their debut, the Beatles go on
  • Chicago Tribune: JFK, Beatles in West Palm Beach
  • The Independent: Simple lyrics still resonate for millions
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  • Durham Herald Sun: 40 years ago Monday, the Beatles stormed onto the US scene
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  • Press and Sun Bulletin: 40 years ago, the Fab Four made history
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  • Times of London: Snapshots of the rock 'n' roll revolution (subscription)
  • The Columbian: Where were you when ... (their page, not ours.)
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  • Kansas City Star: Carolinans remember the Beatles with love, disdain, amusement
  • WTOC: Forty years later, Beatlemania still going strong
  • Sioux City Journal: Four decades after ‘Ed Sullivan' appearance, Beatles still a hit with Siouxlanders

    Update (2/8/04) NPR's recent "All Songs Considered" program about the Fabs is now online. (Thanks to raph.)

  • There's also some early Beatles footage at (Thanks to Steve Frank.)
  • 40th anniversary of the Beatles' American arrival Saturday
  • From Sebastiaan Bommeljé:

  • CBS News: Fab Four: Forty years and counting
  • San Antonio Press: Pete Best and the Beatles once rocked the Casbah
  • Time: That ol' feeling: Meet the Beatles
  • Canadian Press: Beatle fans remember 40th anniversary of Beatles invasion
  • From Carl Savich:

    MSN also has a section on the "10 Romantic Beatles Songs" that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first US visit.

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer: Where were you when the Beatles appeared on 'Sullivan'?
  • London Free Press: Local couple recall meeting not-so-Fab Beatles
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  • Stuart News: Treasure coast residents recall first encounters with the Beatles
  • Florida Today: Beatles taught us all to play
  • WHO-TV: It's been 40 years since the Beatles first burst on the American music scene
  • Here are two more websites that have set up picture shows of shots from 1964: Absolute Elsewhere. (Thanks to Gabor Peterdi and Lady Jean.)
  • From Carolyn Hurwitz:

    Hey Steve!

    We Beatles fans may have thought that today was merely the 40th anniversary of the Fabs coming to the U.S. But little did we know that New York is spending all its energies today celebrating John Waters Day. Here's the link:,0,5515366.story?coll=bal-features-headlines (Waters is a Baltimore native; this is a dubious honor, in my opinion)

    Update (2/7/04)
  • CNN: Excerpts from a Beatles press conference
  • Barbara Pazmino tells us the New York Daily News will have several articles on the Fabs over the next few days. Here's one.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: Moptops to dropped top (Thanks to Anders Alfelt.)
  • Bremerton Sun: Forty years ago, the Beatles came to hold our hand
  • CNN International: When the Beatles hit America
  • Bremerton Sun: Beatles music was familiar to black listeners
  • National Review Online: The Fab Five and Me
  • AP: Beatlemania strong 40 years after Sullivan
  • Newsday: This Month Marks The Anniversary of The Beatles' Arrival In America
  • From Trina Yannicos of Daytrippin':

    Look out for lots of news coverage this weekend on the Beatles 40th Anniversary of Coming to the U.S. Bruce Spizer, author of the new book, The Beatles Are Coming , will be featured in news segments on the Beatles in these upcoming TV shows: Monday, Feb. 9 at 5 pm: Fox National News

    And Bruce will also be joining us on Sunday, February 8 from 2 to 6 p.m. for Daytrippin's Party to Celebrate the Beatles First U.S. Visit!! Celebrate this historic 40th anniversary with fellow Beatles fans in midtown Manhattan for an afternoon featuring SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS and LIVE MUSIC. Hosted by Q104.3 radio D.J. Ken Dashow!! New guest added: singer/guitarist Jan Owen Go to for full guest list and location info Daytrippin' also got mentioned in an article in the NJ Courier News--check it out:,2111,898871,00.html

  • From Frank B. Branchini:

    Today's (February 6, 2004) Washington Post has an article about Charlie Brill and Mitzi McCall on the front page of the Style section. Brill and McCall appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show with the Beatles on February 8, 1964. It's a fun piece. I really love these articles that look at familiar Beatle events from a new perspective. I am impressed by those in the media that can find a fresh take on a forty-year old event!

  • More events in the Washington, D.C. area, from Frank D. Branchini and Rob Isele:

    Subject: Wanted to pass on the word on some upcoming area Beatle events, especially the first since I hadn't heard about it...which is..this coming Saturday (2/7) - 10AM at the State Theatre in Falls Church. A free screening of "The First US Visit". Also Einstein Bros bagels are provided. I don't know if how much music there is, but the talking should sound great through the big sound system! It's billed as "Breakfast with the Beatles". The website says doors open at 9am. I am rarely at a place when doors open, and true to form, if I go, it won't be at 9am on Sat. morning....The second is also at the State - it's the Bootleg Beatles (from England) on March 20 - admission $25. Beatle events tend to sell out there so this will probably also. To go directly to the site it is

  • Boston was another place where rival stations (in this case, WBZ and WMEX) battled long and hard for Beatle listeners. This Boston Globe article, though, mentions the current stations, neither of which were around back then. (Thanks to Steve Crosby. And does anyone in the Boston area know how we can get in touch legendary former WMEX DJ Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsberg? If you can help, email us, please.)
  • New York Times: They came, they sang, they conquered (We're mentioning this one again because it's by Allan Kozinn, who has written many insightful articles on the Fabs in the past. Don't miss this if you haven't seen it already. Thanks to Bob Dunn and Katherine Ruas.)
  • Dayton Daily News: Local personalities pick Beatles best
  • Boulder Daily Camera: Beatles helped heal an ailing America
  • Washington Times: British Invasion starts in D.C.
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    Update (2/6/04)

  • On Monday's "Late Night With David Letterman," Letterman will feature a clip from the Beatles' appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." The Letterman show is taped in that very studio where the Sullivan show was done. No word if any Beatles will show up.
  • Hollywood Reporter: The Beatles: Still fab at 40
  • Evansville Courier and Press: Yesterday all our troubles were so far away
  • Richmond Times Dispatch: There at the Creation: O'Neill recalls the Beatles
  • Washington Post: Squashed With the Beatles
  • A Chicago radio station is playing every Beatle song in order this Monday. (Thanks to Jeff Haske.)
  • The Scotsman: Beatles' debut still among most-watched TV ever
  • Henderson Gleaner: Beatles' revolution began 40 years ago
  • Washington Post: The Beatles come to America
  • AP: Beatlemania frenzy celebrates 40 years (Thanks to Barbara Pazmino.)
  • Carl Savich tells us Entertainment Tonight had a segment on the 40th anniversary of the Ed Sullivan show appearance and a review of The Beatles' First U.S. Visit DVD.
  • New York Times: They came, they sang, they conquered
  • Palm Beach The TV show that changed history
  • Fort Worth Business Press: Hey, hey, it's 40 years ago: DaVinci theory: Beatles brought to U.S. what they learned from Texas musicians
  • Winston Salem Journal: Buddy Holly was fount for The Beatles' giving rock its future

    Update (2/5/04)

  • East Hampton Independent: Forty years with the Beatles
  • Contra Costa Times: Forty years of the Fab Four
  • The Arbiter Online: Fab 4, 40 years ago
  • Paul Ingles tells us his two reports on the Beatles for National Public Radio air beginning today. The first, on today's Morning Edition, discusses the battle among New York radio stations for the Fabs in the '60s. The second, looking at the Beatles appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show," will be broadcast during NPR's On The Media show which airs on some, but not all, NPR stations - usually Saturdays or Sundays. Check your local NPR listings.
  • University of Redlands: He was a Beatle for a day
  • Scripps Howard: Beatles began musical revolution 40 years ago

    Update (2/4/04)

  • A new survey reveals the Beatles' appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" rank as the top rated TV shows of all time. Here's a link.
  • XM Satellite Radio is featuring several programs on the Beatles this month. Details are on their website. (Thanks to Bob Dunn.)
  • Daily Trojan: Beatles still create craze
  • Early Show: Beatles encore On DVD
  • From Deborah Clark:

    I was 11 the first time I saw The Beatles. It was the night my 13-year-old brother woke me up around 11 PM and said some new music group was going to be on the Jack Parr Show and they look AMAZING. He dragged me out of bed and we watched (our parents were asleep) and I was never the same again! I couldn't wait to see them and hear their music again.

    Update (2/3/04)

  • When Beatlemania hit the U.S. in '64, radio deejays played an incredible role in not only playing the records, but stirring the excitement "of these youngsters who call themselves the Beatles," as Ed Sullivan put it. Perhaps nowhere was this more in evidence than in New York City, where three radio stations -- WABC (known in those days as W-A-Beatle-C, and home to Cousin Bruce Morrow and "Big" Dan Ingram), WMCA (home of "The Good Guys," including Harry Harrison and B. Mitchell Reed) and WINS (where a DJ named Murray the K worked) competed madly to grab listeners' attention. This New York Daily News article tells what New York is doing to remember those days.
  • And in case you've never seen them, here are two great pages that recall those New York days: A page on the WABC-AM fan site Musicradio 77 that has airchecks and jingles from the days of Beatlemania ... also, this page of WMCA Beatle promos that would seem like a goldmine for any radio program director today.
  • We'd also like to point you to a page on our site with the text of some press releases for the Fabs' appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show."
  • UK Guardian: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
  • Go Memphis: Beatlemania started a long road of cultural change
  • Go Memphis: Beatlemania at 40
  • Here's a neat little project put together by Trini Schultz and a friend. Go to this link, click on slideshow and put on "With the Beatles" or "Meet the Beatles" and enjoy.

    Update (2/2/04)

  • We hear the battle among America's morning shows to have the best Beatles 40th anniversary coverage will likely be won by CBS' "The Early Show." Apparently, "The Early Show" has lined up some exclusive ultra-rare performance clips that haven't been seen on TV since 1964 and will be playing them at various points during their week-long tribute. CBS beat out arch-rivals NBC's "Today" and ABC's "Good Morning America" - and both of those shows are now likely to only have the standard promotional clips supplied by Apple to promote their reissue of the 1991 documentary. So Beatles fans who were wondering which morning show to watch for Beatles coverage this coming week may find "The Early Show" is the place to go.

    Update (2/1/04)
  • Washington Post: We saw them standing there
  • Go Arrival of the Beatles set off boy band frenzy
  • From Karen Dyson:

    There will be Beatles 40th anniversary coverage all next week on the Today Show....and I would imagine, GMA will also have coverage....

    Update (1/31/04)

  • From Sherrod G. Patterson:


    Being an old railroader, I thought, hey, while on the subject of the Pan Am plane that carried the Beatles from London to New York, it might be interesting to provide and request some information about the train trips from New York to Washington and return -- the snowy/icy conditions made flying almost impossible -- (I am at work and can't remember the exact dates -- February 10 or 11, 1964, as best I can recall). Based on on a number of viewings of the "First Visit" tape, the Beatles appear to have ridden a Seaboard Railroad train that originated in New York on the Pennsylvania Railroad, which handled Seaboard trains New York-Florida and New York-Birmingham trains between New York and Washington. Review of the Seboard's tpassenger train schedules for the Winter season of '63-'64 causes me to believe that the Beatles rode the Seaboard's "Silver Comet" -- a New York-Birmingham train that left New York mid-morning and arrived Washington around noon. The train carried a Pennsylvania Railroad parlor/club car between New York and Washington, which the Beatles appeared to occupy for most of the trip. When some of the Beatles are shown walking through the coaches, you can see "Seaboard" on the head-rest covers of the coach seats. Perhpas some other folks can provide more or better information.

    I am less certain about the train the Beatles rode for the return trip to New York City after the Washington concert. In the "First Visit" tape, the Beatles are shown in club, Pullman (sleeping), and coach cars -- the latter have the "Seaboard" head-rest covers. If the Beatles left Washington during the afternoon, they rode either the Seaboard's "SIlver Comet" or the "Silver Star." I lean to the "Star" because a Seaboard lounge/club staffed by a Seaboard (as opposed to a Pennsylvania Railroad) waiter car ran through from Miami to New York (the "Comet's" lounge/club car was taken off in Washington and replaced with a Pennsylvania Railroad parlor/club car). The club-car bartender pictured wears a white (Seaboard) jacket not (tuscan red) Pennsylvania jacket.

    I would appreciate any additional information/clarification from anybody.

  • From Joe Jackson, host of the Beatle Brunch radio show:

    Hey all..

    Just a note to let you know that i was interviewed for the Today Show in a Beatles segment that is scheduled to air this Tuesday Feb 3 as part of their Beatles week....the segment is scheduled to be on sometime between 7:45 and 9 am Tuesday.

  • The Beatles gave us the music and lifted our mood
  • Reuters: How U.S. met the Beatles
  • Toledo Blade: It's been four decades since the Fab Four cast their spell on America
  • Newsday: The Beatles Come to America (a special section online) (thanks to Rob Leonard)
  • Ascribe: Beatles first U.S. visit still resonates 40 years later
  • From Tim Swaddling:

    Hey Steve:

    A note to let your readers know that I'm doing the first of two Beatles 40th anniversary specials on CJAM 91.5FM radio in Windsor/Detroit. The show is "Everything You've Always Wanted To Know About Music* (*but were afraid to ask)" on at 1AM - 3AM EST Monday, Feb 2. I'll be playing the "Meet The Beatles" album and pre-"Hard Day's Night" Beatles tracks, the music that got them across the pond. Anyone wishing to listen outside of CJAM's broadcasting range can check it out on the web from CJAM's website, or this direct link to the "Listen Live" section (which requires WINAMP):

    Afterwards, for anyone who can't listen in but wants to, you can download it in the CJAM archives section at this address. Just use the above listening time information and follow the instructions. The downloads are available in mp3 format and come in hourly segements.

    The following week, Feb 7, at the same time, I'll be doing a Beatlemania/British Invasion special, featuring the Beatles' performances on the Ed Sullivan shows and some of the Washington DC concert, followed by some more pre-Hard Day's Night Beatles music, requests and some of the early British Invasion bands. Any requests, comments or suggestions can be emailed to my account.

    Thanks, keep up the good work,

  • Philadelphia radio station WMGK-FM (102.9) is also celebrating the 40th anniversary. Here's their press release.
  • More on the plane from Gustavo Muchado:

    Hi Steve! Read your query about the Pan Am jet that brought The Beatles to JFK 40 years ago, did some research and found that "Clipper Defiance", 707-331 N704PA, seemed to have been the plane in question. However, the same source from which I got that (see below) indicates that the plane was "unfortunately scrapped at Long Beach, CA in 1977." A separate search for the airplane's registration corroborates this fact. This particular 707 was delivered to Pan American in March of 1960. Here's a link to a photo of the plane... I got the info. on the plane's registration here:

  • And from Vince:

    I found this webpage: Which lists the plane N704PA as having been originally being delivered March 23, 1960. It’s registration was changed to N9230Z. Before that it seems to have been registered as XV-NJD which I am guessing is when it was in Vietnam. The last owner appears to be AEROTRON AIRCRAFT RADIO. Sadly, it’s listed as having been scrapped. It has this comment: [B/U CARSON, CA JUN77] which might mean when it was last used (Carson, California, june 1977?) before it was scrapped: (Note: The first link takes a while to load, the second one takes a while to redirect.)


  • And from Judith Milne, who originally inquired about the plane:

    Dear Steve, Many thanks for your reader's research on what became of The Beatles plane that brought them here to us. At first I thought, how awful - the ultimate 'souvenir' having been taken apart by the wrecking crew. At least "Seabiscuit" is resting gracefully under a tree, thank you, Mr. Howard. However, it's probably not best to hope to alter history, as it could very well have by now landed in a "certain someone's" (no names) hands and been part of the "undisclosed evidence" obtained in the raid on Neverland - worst yet, it could be on the auction block going to pay for all those legal fees! Oy! Horrors!!! God knows best!

  • From Frank C. Branchini:

    On February 11, WBIG 100's Goldy will, for the 10th straight year, re-create the Beatles' Washington visit. At 8 pm he'll offer an all-Beatles request hour so listeners can call in their favorites and share their memories. At 9 pm, he'll play the Carrroll James interview with the Beatles, followed by a re-creation of the Coliseum concert. Among his guests: Cousin Brucie, the legendary New York DJ who introduced the Beatles at Shea Stadium, WBIG's own Johnny Dark, who introduced their August 1964 Baltimore concert; and Johnny Holliday who introduced the Beatles last concert at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in August 1966.

  • Press release: AFI Silver to Celebrate 40th Anniversary of Beatles Coming to America and First US Concert at Washington Coliseum
  • At the top of Entertainment Weekly's list of the 100 Greatest Entertainers (of which the Beatles placed first) is a recollection of the Beatles' arrival at Kennedy Airport. (Thanks to Gustavo Muchado.)

    Update (1/29/04)
  • When we posted Judith Milne's question last night about the plane the Beatles flew into to Kennedy Airport on in 1964, I didn't think for a minute I'd have answers the next night. First, from Trini Schultz:

    Steve, to answer Judith Milne's question, the registration number was N704PA: I went ahead and looked up more info about the whereabouts on the plane on Pan Am's Historical site and this is what it says:

    Ship Name Type MSN Enter
    N704PA Clipper Defiance Boeing 707
    - 331
    17683 19601973 Not taken by TWA
    (delivered new to Pan Am)
    Leased to World Airways,

    (Thanks also to eljackso for the PanAm link.)
  • And another note from Trini Schultz:

    Steve, I found more info on the plane. I don't know how accurate this is, but one source claims the plane was scrapped in Long Beach in 1977.

  • Here's more on the plane from eljackso...since both sites say it was scrapped in Long Beach in 1977, it looks like it might be a match:


    Here is some more information on the disposition of the Beatle's February 1964 plane, 707-331 #N704PA. It was sold to Air Vietnam in the mid-1960's, here is a photo of it at that point, and was scrapped at Long Beach California in 1977.

  • And from Bill De Young:

    The pilot of the famous Feb. 7, 1964 London-to-New York flight was Dean Postlewaite, who's 87 now and lives on Hutchinson Island, Florida. He retired in 1976. Dean doesn't like to talk; his wife Betty (an original Pan Am stewardess) tells the story in a story I've written for Feb. 7 for Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers. He had no interaction with the Beatles.

  • And from Matt Slys:

    Sunday February 8th, 2004 WBWC Radio 88.3 fm will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the arrival of the Beatles in America.

    The Sting's weekly show "Sunday Night At The Oldies" will be taken over by the Fab Four.


    • *Interview with Bruce Spizer discussing his new book "The Beatles Are Coming"
    • *Special Giveaways
    • *Rarities
    • Hosted By Tom Lomereaux, John Basalla, and Matt Slys

    Sunday February 8th starting at 9:05pm on the Sting! Listen on line:

    Update (1/28/04)

  • From Judith Milne:

    Dear Steve,

    I understand from a very reliable source that a few Boeing 707-123 aircraft, one of which was The Beatles' Pam Am Flight 101 which brought them into NY's Kennedy Airport on Feb. 7, 1964, have not all been scrapped and may still be airworthy and could be flying some small foreign obscure routes to this day. The only way to trace this particular aircraft would be if anyone has a photo of or knows the tail number of the plane which would be "N_ _ _PA". Just wondering if any Abbeyrd readers may have knowledge of this number, say from a photo perhaps or some other source. Just curious. Can you ask around - what with the Fab 40th interest circulating?

    Comment: Anyone know??

    Update (1/27/04)

  • The New York Daily News interviewed a woman who, as a young girl, was hoisted on the Beatles' shoulders in a photograph 40 years ago. (Thanks to Rob Leonard.)
  • From Manny:

    There's an exhibit of over two dozen Beatle photos by Harry Benson on display at the Apex Fine Art Gallery, 152 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles. It runs through Feb. 21, Tuesdays throught Saturdays 11 am - 5pm. This traveling exhibition will also stop in New York, Dallas, Florida and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Admission is free. Information: 323-634-7887.

  • If you've seen The Beatles Ed Sullivan Show DVD, you know Soupy Sales' connection to the Fabs: He appeared on the '65 Sullivan show with them. Sales, now 78 and having just recovered from the same ailment that killed actor John Ritter, will be honored in Detroit this Friday, reports the Detroit Free Press. Hey, do the Mouse, yeah! Our best to ya, Soupy!
  • And from Trini Yannicos of Daytrippin':

    Join us on Sunday, February 8 from 2 to 6 p.m. for Daytrippin's Party to Celebrate the Beatles First U.S. Visit!! Celebrate this historic 40th anniversary with fellow Beatles fans in midtown Manhattan for an afternoon featuring SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKERS and LIVE MUSIC!

    Guest speakers include:

  • SID BERNSTEIN, promoter of the historic Beatles concerts at Shea Stadium and Carnegie Hall, author of "Not Just the Beatles"
  • BRUCE SPIZER, author of several books on the Beatles recordings as well as the new book, The Beatles Are Coming
  • LARRY KIRWAN, author of Liverpool Fantasy and member of the band Black 47


    Join us at: Croton Reservoir Tavern 108 W. 40 St. (between 6th ave. and Broadway) New York, NY 10016 212-997-6835

    $15 at the door
    $12 at the door if you RSVP to by Feb. 7
    $10 for Daytrippin' Fan Club members

    We'll also have trivia contests and lots of Beatle items to giveaway!

    Also join us on Saturday, February 7 at 11:30 a.m. for the Fab 4 NYC Walking Tour of Beatle Sites. Visit for more info

  • The Columbian: You still love them, yeah

    Update (1/26/04)

  • Some upcoming events from JoelTLE515:

  • Beatles TV and film tribute @ Lincoln Center in Manhattan on February 9th that will include a showing of a new 35mm print of "A Hard Day's Night" and highlights from the beatles' debut appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." Event will be concluded with a panel discussion featuring Robert Freeman, Martin Lewis, Sid Bernstein, Albert Maysles, and Bruce Spizer.
  • Robert Freeman photo exhibit titled, "A Public View of a Private View: The Photographs of Robert Freeman" that will open at the Furman Gallery at Lincoln Center in Manhattan (located adjacent to the Walker Reade Theater) on Feb. 8th with a party at 6pm-9pm. Freeman will be on hand there to sign copies of his book "A Private View" (which contains the photos featured in the exhibition). The exhibit will end its display on March 8th. Admission is free.
  • A Beatles film tribute by the American Film Institute that will take place at the AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center in Silver Springs, MD (near Washington DC) starting February 6th and ending February 12th with two showings each night of "A Hard Day's Night" highlights from the beatles' debut appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show." February 6th will conclude with a panel discussion featuring Martin Lewis and Bruce Spizer. The AFI website.
  • The Museum of Television and Radio in both New York and Los Angeles will hold special events of their own titled, "it was forty years ago today....the Beatles in America". The New York museum will feature the photo exhibit "The Beatles! Backstage and behind the scenes" starting February 6th and ending May 2nd. The museum in Los Angeles will display Tom Murray's "Mad Day Out" 1968 photos of the Beatles, also from February 6th-May 2nd. Both museums' listening rooms will present "The Larry Kane Interviews", a collection of interviews recorded by renowned journalist, the "dean of philadelphia" himself, Larry Kane, who was the only American journalist to tour America with the Beatles in both 1964 and 1965 (and would later write a book about it called "Ticket to Ride: Inside the Beatles' 1964 tour that changed the world") which will run from February 6th-June 20th in both cities. The Museum of Television and Radio website

  • Update (1/24/04)
  • Newsday: Newsday wants Beatle memories (Thanks to JD)

    Update (1/20/04)

  • From James Marien:

    Bruce Spizer on CNN: (Over the weekend) I was watching the Wolf Blitzer Report, which comes on at 5 PM E.S.T. Wolf mentioned, at the top of his show that he would be having a segment on the 40th Anniversary of The Beatles coming to America. I noticed that he quickly showed the cover of Bruce Spizer's new book. Could Bruce actually be on the show ??

    Well, YES, Bruce was on at the very end of the Wolf Blitzer Report, approximently 5:55 PM, E.S.T time. Could GOOD MORNING AMERICA or THE TODAY SHOW be next ?? Let's hope so. Beatles collectibles have been totally strong every since I started collecting. As I told Perry Cox, it was SO great to see one of "US" on National TV. YOU GO BRUCE !!! Hopefully, others got to see Bruce also.

  • AP photo: Author Bruce Spizer and Dr. Joyce Brothers at news conference publicizing events marking 40th anniversary of Beatles' trip to America
  • AP photo: Dr. Joyce Brothers with fan with sign held at Beatles hotel in '64
  • Reuters: Fab Four fans to mark Beatles' trip to New York
  • AP: Beatle fans ready for 40th anniversary
  • Exhibit chronicles start of Beatles' magical mystery tour in US

    (1/9/04) The Fab 40! is coming! We are now less than a month away from the 40th anniversary of the Beatles coming to America.

    We have just learned that a new umbrella committee has been formed to coordinate some of the many events and projects celebrating the anniversary.

    The committee is called The Fab 40! committee - and it is made up of a group of friends, family members and associates of the Beatles who were with them during that first US visit.

    The Fab 40! have started a website to provide information about some of the many events and projects at

    The first event has just been announced. It is a free lunchtime event next Friday (January 16th) in New York. It takes place at the Hard Rock Cafe. 12 noon - 2:00pm. Friday January 16th is the exact 40th anniversary of the day that "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was officially certified #1 in the US. Full details of the event on the Fab 40! website

    We will keep you posted of all the many fun events and projects planned.
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