Julian "20/20" interview Update (12/18/99) You'll find a transcript of the interview on ABC's site at http://abcnews.go.com/onair/2020/transcripts/2020_991216_lennonson_trans.html.

Update (12/16/99) This from Matt Hurwitz of Good Day Sunshine (thanks, Matt!):

"I've received a number of calls from ABC's "20/20," assuring me their segment on Julian will, in fact, air tomorrow, Thursday December 16. Let's cross our fingers! It's supposed to be a great piece."

And here's a portion of an ABC press release sent to us by Tina (thanks, Tina!) about the show:


-- -- -- -- -- ABC News' Jay Schadler speaks to Julian Lennon, son of the venerated Beatles icon, who candidly reveals a lonely childhood longing for his father's attention, his bitter relationship and ensuing battle with Yoko Ono over his father's estate and his personal memories of the shocking day his father was gunned down outside the Dakota.

With looks and a voice chillingly similar to his father's, Julian's early success in the music industry was not surprising. But, as he tells Mr. Schadler, the fame attached to the Lennon legacy may have led to a rocky road of drugs and manipulation by those handling his early music career. This report will air on "20/20 Downtown," THURSDAY, DEC. 16 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Thirty-six-year-old Julian Lennon reflects on the pain of what he says was an empty childhood without a constant paternal figure. John Lennon was not present at his son's birth and made only a handful of visits with his son after his divorce from Cynthia Lennon, Julian's mother. "I was not in [John Lennon's] world at all," he tells Mr. Schadler, and confesses that he was "ticked off" at his father.

With much candor, he shares the sad memories of a father whose attention and financial support, he says, was mostly focused on Sean, his half-brother and son of Yoko Ono. "Sean had it. And I just said hmmm, I see. I see where the love's going with this. And there is Mom and I scraping by...and I just thought, thanks."

Julian Lennon has engaged in a hostile legal battle with Yoko Ono for what he feels is his rightly deserved inheritance from his father's estate, an estate now estimated to be worth over half a billion dollars. For over 16 years he fought to retrieve what he felt was rightfully his, as Julian claims he received little money and few personal belongings from his father's vast estate. Although John Lennon never specified Julian's inheritance in his will, Julian claims Yoko Ono is responsible: "I know her to be manipulative in many ways," he tells "20/20."

Yoko Ono denies all allegations, and through a spokesperson, addresses specific charges by Julian. Julian Lennon recently settled with Yoko Ono for an undisclosed amount of money. Mr. Lennon also speaks about successful, new musical projects as well as earlier struggles in the industry that led him to cocaine and alcohol abuse.

Update (12/2/99) This news from Matt Hurwitz ... and would you believe ...:

Hi, all--

Julian's segment on ABC's "20/20" will not be appearing tomorrow, Thursday December 2, due to some schedule shuffling. I just spoke with the segment's producer, who told me it is now scheduled to air on Thursday December 16. She says to let you know it's a wonderful piece you will all enjoy - worth the wait!

Matt Hurwitz
Good Day Sunshine Magazine

(11/18/99) The "20/20 Downtown" Julian Lennon interview, scheduled for tonight, has been postponed yet again and is tentatively re-scheduled for December 2nd, according to information we received from the official Julian Lennon email newsletter. (How many times has this thing been rescheduled now?) In this case, the interview itself wasn't taken off the show; ABC pre-empted the "20/20" show entirely for an entertainment special about television around the world. (November is a big month in measuring TV ratings, so you'll find all sorts of weird things on TV this month in the States. Like night after night of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" But that's another story...) But c'mon, ABC, get it together and get this thing aired.